Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out of Africa and into my heart

What? Another movie of pure fashion inspiration? I know I know, my life is SO boring. Sue me.
But come on- neutrals, hats, perfectly tousled hair? Yes please! Not to mention- tea in the afternoon, a tiny owl that lives on your vanity (seriously, where do I get one?), and sure, I could do without the syphilis but wouldn't I just wrap Robert Redford around my shoulders and sport him as my best accessory ever. Yes, I WOULD. He would go with everything.

Please excuse my face for the next week while I try and prefect this flawlessness.

And, I'll leave you with THIS:

You're welcome.

P.s. Unless there is a movie out there where a woman is single past a socially acceptable age so she essentially pays a friend to marry her and then gets syphilis because her husband is a man-whore and then falls in love with a transient who refuses to marry her who later dies in a plane crash and her farm burns down and then she has to move back in with her parents and then MAYBE SOMEONE KILLS SOME PUPPIES,  there probably isn't a sadder movie out there.

Credit in order: jennyljungberg, blaubushka, madonnafansworld, habituallychic, mmorrow, maggie-mgill


  1. Meryl looks gorgeous in those photos. And OH MY WORD ROBERT. Oh. My. Word.

  2. I LOVE this movie....though probably not for any of the reasons you just mentioned. I love that we are able to see things from different perspectives; it keeps life interesting. And next time I watch it I think I will have to pay attention to the clothes a bit more :)

  3. ha yes, we do tend to have different perspectives don't we? ;)