Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life wisdom

 As I was just putting on chapstick a guy walked by me and said "that doesn't work. It creates a false sense of security".

Why thank you, guy with information that is PERTINENT TO MY LIFE. Because Lord knows I really need to quit lying to myself about my hydration situation.

I know to say that "money can't buy me love but it can sure buy me this awesome thing!" is uber cliché at this point buuuuut. . .money did buy me this dress which I loved at first sight, and now that it's 10 inches shorter I love it even more, so when money is the seed of a love that just keeps growing, I really don't know how you can argue with a love like that. Oh, and if that seed was only $4, you can probably take your ideals about love and money and shove em, 'cause I love this dress and it loves me back! And we're running away together and you can't stop us! We don't care if we're young and poor, all we need is our love to survive!


  1. Did you hem it yourself? If so I'm super impressed. And that guy can suck it. Cherry chapstick rules.

  2. I did hem it myself :) Please let me know what else impresses you because I would like to secure my place on that list.