Monday, November 28, 2011

Early morning mastery

Remember that one time I went to bed at a normal time and it sucked?

Yeah, deja vu.

But that's cool 'cause at 4am no one is around to judge interrupt my weekly fill of old Law and Order:SVU episodes or every single movie trailer that exists right now. Thanks, Hulu, for reminding me that I need to spend all of my income watching movies.

Also, how attractive is Michael Fassbender?

Again, I blame Hulu for that information.

1 comment:

  1. I gotta tell you...I LOVE your writing!!! I could read 'stuff' you write all day long. You really do have a gift. Now I'll have to look up "breve". I hope I don't sound like an old fart to you. And YES! You are fabulous to hang around with! I always love it. You are a deep, complicated, eclectic, halfnhalf loving woman who deeply touches my heart. Oh, I forgot how funny you are. I love you...Keep up the great writing. This was another great one!