Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big bear comfort

I have no idea what's going on with my life, but what I do know is that my panda dress makes me feel right with the world. Or at least right with myself. Because one day I walked into a gas station that had an entire wall full of majestic tees, and that was a good day.

Cool fact about NY: you can wear the exact same outfit three nights in a row and no one will notice. Probably because you won't see any of the same people. Even in your house. Did I mention that I live with six other people? Yeah. . .life.

Also, welcome to my new self timer wall.

-The Monster Queen


  1. wait...six? I am confused. And I love your panda dress, too!

  2. so you should let me borrow that dress. via mail. HAH!
    also you look tan. when did this happen?

  3. Dallas, we can discuss the borrowing of clothes at a later date ;) and I know! Right? I guess that's what one zillion hours of walking about NYC in 98 degrees does to you. Who know.

    Claire (I'm assuming it's Claire, unless John has recently developed an affinity for dresses) yes, six. A grandma lives here and an aunt moved in for awhile too I guess. And now an uncle is here temporarily too! It's basically the Hispanic Waltons. Minus the awesomeness.